I need my PC

What is  I need  My PC  ?

"I need My PC" is a business that provides ICT services
Computer viruses
Wireless problems
Broken laptop screen
Old website?

Let's enumerate a few things that we can do for you!
Computer viruses have become a very big problem for many computers or laptops these days. They create important loss of precious information (eg. documents, pictures, work projects, block access to email, steal sensitive data, ect.)
We can deal with the viruses, clean your computer and recover your access to the infected hard drives!

Low wireless signal provided by some routers or incorrect installation in wrong places of the premises can be very frustrating for any internet user.
We can check your Wi-Fi coverage and setup or upgrade your network in such way that you'll have the best and stable Wi-Fi signal in all your premises.

Your laptop or PC is damaged?
Accidents can happen without your will, but don't worry because any computer can be fixed!
Even if your laptop's screen is broken, or you dropped coffee on the keyboard, maybe the computer cannot load the Operating System, or just doesn't start at all, we can fix it.

Your business website is dated or do you need a new website?
Any business needs a good image presentation and in our days the most common way for the possible customers is to find you on the internet.
We can build a new Wordpress website for you, or create a more personalised one especially for your needs, using modern web development technologies.
We Create, Build, Optimise & Maintain online visibility!

  • Solutions for computer virus disinfection, recovery and speedup

  • Setup, extend and upgrade for Wireless and Wired networks

  • Reliable service, fast and efficient computer and laptop repairs

  • Website design, SEO, internet marketing and business consultancy

 I need  My PC
It services

  • Laptop and PC repairs & maintenance,
  • Virus removal,
  • Wi-Fi & LAN network troubleshooting, extension and setup,
  • Laser and inkjet printer installations,
  • New software installing and drivers setup,
  • Computer back-up and data transfer to a new device,
  • Web development - website design,
  • SEO - Internet marketing consultancy

Alin Borca

CEO & tech support
Over 16 years of experience
Provided tech support & websites for numerous small and large businesses

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